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We build the best user experience so interacting with your assets is a joy, not a hassle.


Multi-chain Support

Add Ethereum, Polygon, Solana NFTs in the same room with no overhead.


Lightweight Link-in-bio

Share your entire Web3 identity in a single link - just like that.


Follows & Reacts

Interact with other users in the space like never before - follow and like your way to new friends in Web3.


Full Customizability

Change the background of your room, add new frames to your items - customize your identity to perfection!


On-chain Notifications

Keep up to date with any changes in the rooms you're following - mints, transfers, all the good stuff.


NFT Information

See all the information there is about your favorite assets without leaving the platform - Ethereum, Polygon and Solana.



Hand-picked by the Team.

Aug 29 - Sep 5


Curated to perfection

Marty has an exceptional room, there’s no doubt about it. The Curious Addy in the center is framed by two red-background Pythagorean masks. This collection has some great art and creative use of colored matts to improve differentiation between pieces.

Aug 29 - Sep 5


One of the firsts

LV’s room is simply popping! Each NFT has character, and contrasts in a pleasant way with the leafy green of the background. The text in the room makes sure you know just whose wallet these are in!

Aug 29 - Sep 5


Have you heard of Penguin Town?

Pavans gallery uses the link feature to let viewers follow their other social media- notably Linkedin and Twitter. The main gallery is a sprawl block with similar spacing and frames keeping a cohesive look. There’s even a Pudgy Penguin!

Aug 29 - Sep 5


Frame of reference

Jason makes great use of the frames feature. Each frame is unique to the piece on display, emphasizing the individuality of the alternating art styles on display. Some interesting NFTs in this collection include Zeneca's letter, CryptoKitties, Curious Addys, and Oni Squad.

Aug 29 - Sep 5


Itsy bitsy shiller

Luke has a really unique gallery focusing on many NFTs in a single room at tiny sizes. This allows each piece to have the same emphasis as each other, while requiring an interested guest to zoom in to each piece. Some notable NFTs in this collection include Cryptoads.

Aug 22 - Aug 29


Who doesn't wanna see a bearded donut?

Bearded Donut has an efficient single page gallery. Links are situated between favored NFTs, and a row of Sandbox 3D assets. Something in the layout makes it very appealing to look at. Who doesn’t want to see a bearded donut?

Aug 22 - Aug 29


The OG shiller

MetaBobDylan’s gallery is a perfect showcase of a vast collection being strengthened by movement and diversity. The collection features two rooms filled to the brim with Onis and surrounded by affiliate NFTs from all sorts of collections.

Aug 22 - Aug 29


World of Woah-man!

Crittersgalore.nft takes advantage of the room feature to curate their content. This gallery has five rooms with unique NFTs and each page is worth a look. There’s a mixture of art and profile pictures such as the legendary World of Women creating a storied gallery.

Aug 22 - Aug 29


Not a dog person

0X000 has a gorgeous minimalist gallery. Animals and robots are shown in colors of purple and turquoise, with the occasional AI card generating visual contrast. The NFTs are complimented by a background gradient in matching colors! This user definitely likes their cats.

Aug 22 - Aug 29


Size matters

GDM’s gallery has a plethora of art pieces at a larger scale and some smaller. These differences allow emphasis and can help a viewer appreciate the gallery quicker, focusing on what the owner wants to prioritize.

Aug 22 - Aug 29


King of portrait mode

Ccury’s gallery has clear focus and a vertical layout. This builds contrast from the wide - angle of the gallery page and the NFTs themselves. A notable addition to the gallery is their uniswap positions displayed as an NFT!


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